Thursday, May 24, 2012

We made it to Thailand!

Well we made it to Thailand! It is hard to believe that we are here. I can already tell that we will not be able to blog and update facebook as much as we are wanting to at the moment because of the issues with internet (I’m praying I can post this).

So far things are great! Yesterday Brittney and I were brought to our apartment by our missionary friend, Nathee. He got us settled in and let us rest from our trip. We tried our best to stay awake to get our internal time to match our new environment, so we went exploring. We went sightseeing along the river and then ultimately to the mall to get a cell phone. Our first day in Thailand “by ourselves” has been a great learning experience and interesting. This trip is making us even more eager for language school. That night we had our first experience with shopping for dinner on the streets. Most of it was good.

We met some neat people that day, now it is 7:30 in the morning and we are waiting to meet with our missionary friends. We are both excited to see what happens today. Thanks for your prayers!

View outside of our apartment 

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  1. So happy you both made it safely. I will look forward to your updates! Love and Blessing. Laura