Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting close to time

It is hard to believe that we will be going to Thailand in less than 10 days, especially knowing what needs to be done before we go! But praise God that we received our passports in the mail today with VISAS, and the money for our trip has been raised! Also it has been confirmed that Jo will be going with us! We are so excited and enjoy planning the trip together. Our school has been gracious to wave our rent while we are gone. Even if you asked I couldn't say enough good things about our school.

We were invited to speak at Westminster Bible Church and Liberty Baptist last week in Henderson. Both visits were a blessing, and we were greatly encouraged. The past Wednesday night we went with the mindset to serve the youth, but it was switched (as it often is). We shared with the children about kids their age in Thailand. After the whole thing the kids prayed for us, and later came back with posters full of prayers. The prayers were so sweet. Our church home has done so much for us. I couldn't imagine doing what we are doing without them. Now I understand better than ever why the Bible teaches missions being a work of God through a local church.

It is incredible how everything is working out. We are so happy that tonight we are partying (like we don't have finals next week...) by making homemade ice-cream, making peach cobbler, and enjoying our marriage. Ready to visit our sweet mothers an grandmothers tomorrow. We have been blessed with wonderful family. God is good!

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