Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church and Chell

WOW! We serve such an AWESOME God!!!!!!!! May all Glory and honor and praise be given to God. This morning we attended a service with about 16 Thai people and I have just been in awe of how Big our God truly is. Hearts are being stirred away from Buddhism towards Christianity! It was so humbling to be in the presence of different nations and people groups crying out songs of praise to the true God together. No matter the language or any other differences our God is receiving glory that He deserves from His people!!! Then after service we had a fellowship lunch…very interesting food lol! The Lord is so good, I was able to share the gospel with a young lady (Chell) and talk to her about having a relationship with Jesus Christ! Tomorrow we are meeting with her again to work on some English and she agreed to let me pray and have Bible study with her!! I am so excited and so was she; she said she will bring many of her friends to hear about this as well!!! Praise be to God and His perfect timing. Thank you for all of your prayers, God is working here and we are so blessed to be a part of it!


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