Saturday, May 26, 2012

decisions... decisions...

Wow the past two days have been packed with adventures! We have big decisions to make and Lots of praying to do for guidance and direction with our choices.

Yesterday we were offered the opportunity to teach and work with six different schools teaching English and establishing some relationships connecting with some mission work here in Bangkok. It is an awesome opportunity and we desire to help and do as Much as we can while we are here. But the work is very divided here and we are torn with how to spend our time wisely. We pray for unity among the work and that our choices will glorify God.

Today has been wonderful. We met with some native believers and visited the University. Many of the Thai students are having exams this week so we didn’t get to visit much, but we plan to go this afternoon to a local park to meet some people! After we visited the University this morning we went to the mission house and I cooked with the Thai girls and Brandon played guitar and sang some worship in Thai with some of the other students!

God has definitely planned the way for us to be here and we are learning a lot. Our relationship with the Lord is growing, and our marriage is being strengthened daily through our reliance on the Lord. The ministry here is very difficult but there is much work to be done in this city. We Love the people and our hearts desire is to see lives changed. Continue to pray for the people of Thailand that their hearts would be softened and receive the gospel of Christ!

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  1. Lots of prayers going up for you both! We Love you both and will continue to pray for your work and for the Thai people! Mom and Dad