Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We have had a few hard times, but mostly good times. Right now we are waiting outside of our apartment for our brother Jo to arrive. It has been good for us to be here without him for a little while to figure things out on our own, but now we are ready for him to be here so we can be more efficient. Jo is a fellow classmate and he is from Thailand.

Brittney and I have seen some very…. new things. Yesterday we saw a man walking his pet duck (with a flashing collar) down the street. We also met one of the professional soccer players that is staying at our apartment. I think his whole team is here because I have seen a dozen or so athletic Nigerians around the apartment. This morning a friend we made at breakfast tried to give us his umbrella. He was sad he couldn’t find it to give to us.

Brittney and I both have been surprised by how much we enjoy the food here. Yes some of it isn’t all that great or very different, but most of it is great. The family that is taking care of us, and we are working with, have been wonderful to us. Today one of them ran out of the kitchen… haha, and tried to explain (funny with language barrier) the animal that snuck into the kitchen. Long-funny-story short I retrieved the large lizard in the garbage can and took it outside, while having many people walking on the street thinking I was a crazy foreigner digging in the trash.

Today we had a good time teaching English. My favorite part is going through the Bible to work on their reading and comprehension. They are smart, and I love when the Thai students say “The God” when talking about our Lord. For the past two days we planned to go visit students at the University, but rain has stopped us both times. We have really enjoyed our stay here, and God has shown us many things. He has also given us ideas about the future.

Well Jo is here! It is 2am but we are too excited to sleep. Jo just happily stuffed his face with the food he had been missing. We still can’t believe we are with Jo in his country, pretty cool. Waiting to see what God has in store for His glory. Thanks for your prayers. 

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  1. So glad Jo is there now and showing ya'll around! I know you will have lots of stories to tell when you come home! We love ya'll and are Praying for ya'll and the people in Thailand to receive Christ! Mom and Dad