Sunday, July 15, 2012

"And they glorified God because of me" Galatians 1:24

I pray that is true in our lives people glorify God because they see Him in me!!

Only a matter of days left! We are looking foward to seeing our family and friends back home!!

Today we had a very nice service bro. Jo preached and we had several visitors!  A BMA missionary from Loas came in to meet and visit with us and bro. Doyle today. It was very encouraging to all be together worshiping.

We all had lunch together and shared our stories and prayer request.
I am so thankful for my husband and his heart for the Lord. He has really been a godly example for me and to others around us. He has such a humble heart to help others. Today there was a need some one had and he was quick to help in any way. The missionary was in need of a computer to help in her ministry, and she had been looking and the prices were just so expensive even compared to the states. So Brandon had been praying about it and selflessly offered his computer to her. It was such a reminder for me today that we shouldn't love our possessions and we ought to be quick to help our brothers and sisters in need!

Thank you for all your prayers can't wait to be back with you all so we can share all that we have learned and experienced!!

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