Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perfect Place & Perfect Opportunities

God has truly blessed us! The past week has been very encouraging for us!
  1. We seem to have our mind made up on which language school would be best for us. 
  2. We also have found what seems to be the best option for housing. It is reasonable and beyond convenient. It is located in the same building as our language school! Being located here opens up new ministry opportunities that I will like to share in more detail later with those interested. 
  3. We have two students that have been prepared before they met us to hear the Gospel. I really wish I could go into details of their lives they have shared with us, but trust me God is doing great things to get their attention. Pray with us that they put their trust in Christ alone, and make Him Lord of their lives. 
  4. Another great thing that happened to us was a date night. Yesterday Brittney and I went to the mall and had a hot pot (you cook your own food in bowling water on your table), we paid a visit to Krispy Kreams, and then we ended the night on youtube watching a few videos from Platt, Piper, and Baucham (great preachers). It was a nice and much needed night. 
Thanks for your prayers. I have a new request... I found out this morning that my grandma is in the hospital. Things are not looking good for her. It is hard for me because I feel like I should be there to help take care of her and things. My great aunt also passed away a few weeks ago... Internet communication can only do so much during times like this, but I'm thankful that we have even that. Please pray for my family as they are going through a lot of things at the moment.

Sorry I don't have a few pics with this blog and new ones added to our Facebook group page. I will try to get some  loaded soon. 

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