Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Familiar...

Wow can't believe we only have 9 days left till we go back to the states!

We are finally getting familiar with everything and have been able to travel around on our own without getting lost! We have visited the area many times where we hope to attend a language school and have also found a place we could stay in the same building as our school! We also visited a park near by that could be very useful in future ministry outreaches. The location of the school is basically the central business area of Thailand. There are many tourist and the region is arguably the core of Bangkok's nightlife regarding prostitution. God has definitely given me a heart to reach young women and there's nothing I would love to see more than women being freed from that and having their lives changed by Jesus Christ! So it seems there is much work that can be done here and as of now we really feel led to this area

We have also been teaching just about every day. We have had several new students even though we don't have much time left, but we will spend as much time with them as we can! We have recently had two new girls that have joined us. They both are so advanced in English that their vocabulary is beyond the books we have...so we have been working on reading and comprehension, and our text book is the Bible!!! It is very interesting that God has been working in both of their lives prior to them meeting us. One is a Buddhist from Sri Lanka and this is her first time here. Just about everywhere she goes, whether the bus stop or out eating somewhere, she has met a Christian that has helped her or befriended her in some way!! God is really working on her!! She came to church last Sunday (Brandon preached so she was able to understand English...it was also translated in Thai though for the others!) We also have another student we have been working with that just believes in nature. Her sister is Christian and she lived with a Muslim family so she is interested in religion.  Both girls have been willing to spend 3 hours reading the Scripture and learning about it!! I could go on and on about how exciting it has been to work with each of the students but this is just a brief peek at the work God is doing here!

Jo is back with us! He has been able to preach and teach Bible studies in his village which God has really blessed!

Also Brandon got to meet a guy from England named Aaron he was able to share the gospel with him! So keep him in your prayers that God will continue to work and stir his heart! It was a pretty awesome experience Brandon was super excited!

This week we will be ending our teaching week, but the students have all left us with their contact info and want to continue with us next year when we return!

Also we will be meeting with Bro. Doyle from the Philippines at the end of this week.

Thank you for your prayers this trip has truly been a blessing!

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