Thursday, August 9, 2012

Final Report

We had a successful trip. Everything we hoped for and more was shown to us. God answered our prayers and yours. We now know what language school to attend when we arrive, the place to stay during that year of schooling, and we now have even a greater confirmation through this trip that God has a place for us there to serve Him. We learned so much while we were there. Brittney and I have a better understanding of what life and ministry will be like in Thailand. We have a better grasp of what the culture, food, people, and transportation is like as well. And on this trip we have experienced more about how God provides, protects, and directs. He has been so good to us!

We had a wonderful time teaching English. Brittney and I had 14 brilliant students. It was a joy to build relationships with them and serve them. We will miss them. Some said they are waiting for us to return.

Some ministers say that it would be nice to be a carpenter.. because at the end of a project you can see the result of all your labor. But with ministry many times it is not so. Brittney, Jo, and I shared the gospel with many people. Some we even had the opportunity to read through portions of the Bible with, some big and some small. Even though many were interested and others challenged, nobody at that time wanted to have Jesus as their Lord & Savior. We understand that we cannot change hearts. Only God has the power to take a person who naturally loves sin (all of us) and have them supernaturally hate it and love Him. God starts and finishes the work (Philippians 1:6). We are just happy to be apart of it, and I hope you are too.

So What's next?
Our next step is to go to the BMAA Mission Office in Little Rock, Arkansas to stand before the Advisory Committee in September. There we will present to them our visions and place of service. I have had some people ask if we are trying to learn Thai while we are in the states... No, not really. We are putting all of our efforts into our seminary studies and students at New Hope. Our priority is the ministry God has us in now.

Thank you SO much for your prayers, support, and love.

Here is a short clip we put together about our trip:


  1. Nice video! Good choice of song. Well you know that I am writting that you have some post here :) Give some more stuff!! What do you do and how is your ministry in New Hope going?

    1. Hey Cousin Milo!
      We are taking a break from posting on here until we go back to Thailand. Things are going well at New Hope! They have already shown themselves to be a loving and supportive sending church. We will miss our ministry there... Brittney and I graduate in December, start deputation in January, and we hope to be back in Thailand to start language school in the summer of 2013. Miss you, hope all is well with your family and ministry! Praying for you cuz :)