Monday, October 22, 2012

Some have asked, so here is a short timeline & some info:

Brittney and I graduate from the seminary this December. In January 2013 we will officially start deputation. This will include visiting churches interested in partnering with us in taking the gospel to Thailand, and pleading with them to be faithful in prayer for us and for the Thai people. We have been recommended by the advisory committee for election in April 2013 to be BMAA missionaries (Baptist Missionary Association of America). Our hopes are to be sent to Thailand and start with language school in the summer of 2013, we will soon see if that is the Lord’s plan.

We are going not to plant American churches, but Thai churches. We are not going with the sole purpose of witnessing conversions, but to invest in making disciple makers. Brittney and I understand that we are only two people. We are going with the gospel, and with eyes open for faithful people to equip for the ministry (2 Tim. 2:2). There is a great need for Christ centered leaders, churches, and worship in Thailand. 

If you have questions please ask. We are always excited for the opportunity to share about how God is making Himself known to the nations. We are so happy to be apart of God’s mission, and we want others to experience this joy. 


  1. Wow. The time is going fast. You are so close to start your mission! Enjoy fellowship with every church you go to. Many people will pray for you and you will feel it.
    Where do you plan to live when you leave the campus? Praying for you!!

  2. Time is going by fast. Those are good words, and thanks for the encouragement!! We will stay on campus until we leave for Thailand (I'm going to audit a class). Thanks brother!! We pray often for you! Hope to talk to you soon! We love you! :)