Monday, June 25, 2012

Visiting Temples

Temple Guide
Brittney and I have had a few days off from teaching, so we decided to go visit some temples and also gain experience in traveling around Bangkok. We went with the hopes of meeting people and learning. We were able to meet several people on the bus rides. I had a good conversation with a guy from Scotland who is attending the university we are staying next to. Brittney met someone that will join us next Tuesday for English lessons. Today Brittney and I were able to learn from a worker at the temple. He came to us and started sharing many things about Buddha. Brittney and I were able to share things with him about Christ. We had a good conversation. In short he said that Buddha was perfect (after he reached enlightenment), they view him as god, and his teachings are still perfect for today. We were able to share with Him about Jesus who not only claimed deity but proved it, who was perfect since birth, and the great news is he is alive.

Sunday after church two of our Thai friends said they wanted to go to one of the temples with us. They have never been to one before. They were both raised Christian and they have always avoided temples. I believe it was good for them to see it that day. They saw first hand what the majority of their people worship. Both were a little nervous, but they were soon reminded that the idols were only created by creators. And no matter how big the statues, their God was much bigger. 

I have seen again how God is sovereign over everything and everyone. He uses all people to work out His plans. One example is seconds after I saw a man in-front of me wai (place hands together and bow his head) to a temple, he turned around to me and started a conversation. He told me to do it for good luck. Even after telling him we didn't believe these things he helped us find our way, taught us some helpful things, and got us a ride to our next destination. I figured we would have turned him completely off, but he was an answered prayer that seemed to be placed there to help us. He also informed us that today was Buddha day. If he was correct (the internet seemed to differ on dates...) it is a holiday set aside to celebrate his birth, enlightenment, and death. 

This week marks the first time Brittney and I are starting to feel at ease with the transportation system, food, and other things that are different to us. We are finally catching on to how things work and where things are. There are still moments that we are clueless, but praise God there has always been someone to help us when we need it! Also, I got a call tonight that there is a guy who wants to start English lessons in the morning! The reason I'm so excited is because he is new, plus he is a guy! So far all of our students have been girls. I'm really excited about meeting him in the morning!

Please continue to pray for us. We are having a good time, but miss those of you back home. 

~Much love from the Lingle's 

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