Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today was a very adventurous day!

We experienced many things today. To start the day off we began with breakfast…normal right? Not exactly for the very first time we tried fish eyes and fish brain!!! I used to be a very picky eater and the Lord is really teaching me that most of it is all my fears of food are psychological  lol. After breakfast we ventured off to a wild boat ride! There is a river here in Bangkok that is a pretty central location and the Thai people use the boat like a taxi but faster. It was amazing how many people that fit on this little boat everytime they stopped at a dock I could not believe they were going to try to fit another person on but sure enough we all packed in (seriously like 100 to 150 on this boat!! Crazy) On the boat they have people coming on and off all the time so they have a sign asking people to be honest and pay for their ride. So the lady comes by to take our money for our ticket and Jo tells Brandon what to say in Thai and he repeats it to her…she answers back in Thai “your Thai is so good, how long have you been here?” Brandon not knowing what she said doesn’t reply…lol Jo just bust out laughing and later tells us what she said!!  On the boat I met a girl named Donna I asked her if she spoke English and she knew it very well she said she had learned it at her church. I was so excited to hear that so I got her phone number and Jo said he knew the location where the church was so tomorrow we are going to call her and visit them!

When we arrived to our location, the Golden Mountain, we walked up many stairs and reached the top it was basically a temple.  Before we headed up the mountain there was a temple on the bottom level it was so sad to see, but inside there was a father and a little girl. At such a young age they are submersed in this religion. Right before going to the last entrance before the temple there was sign that said “the way up” in Thai “the way to heaven” Ironically it was a very narrow set of stairs that were difficult to get through. At the top many people were gathered to walk around this idol thing about three times and then they pray blessings to the monks. They also leave money offerings all around the idol. It was interesting to see but our hearts were broken by it. Jo, Brandon and I just looked at each of the lives and souls that were around us and cried out to God in prayer to break them of these false idols. At the top of the mountain you can look out and see a beautiful view of the city, and as we looked out we prayed over and for the many lives. On the way down from the mountain Jo stopped one of the cleaners and shared the gospel with him! While he was doing that Brandon and I met a couple from Australia they were headed to Kenya and their flight got delayed so they spent the night in Thailand and were just out sight-seeing.

After that we got some lunch, the area we were in was filled with tourist it was just one street packed out with foreigners. After lunch we stopped by the western union to exchange some money and the worker was out on a break, so we noticed another man waiting in line as well. It just so happened to be a man from Nigeria who has been living in Malaysia and had just arrived in Thailand. He was a Christian and was really discouraged because the area he was at with all the foreigners is just filled with wickedness. And he couldn’t believe all the Buddhist stuff everywhere. So he was just praising God that he met us, he was so encouraged to know that we were there for missions and to meet Jo, a Thai who has a heart for his own people. It was very neat to see how God arranges such appointments!  

Then after leaving there we walked a little more to the place where if there is ever a political riot, it happens there. It was very interesting to learn a little bit about the history of Thailand. Jo was telling us that in the place we were on October 14, 1973 there was a major riot fighting for Democracy and many people lost their lives. It is now a national holiday in remembrance.

Then we rode a tuk tuk back to the boat dock. And then back on the wild boat ride (Dad you would have loved it! Lol) On the boat We met a guy from France and a guy from Spain both here for work, neither were Christians and thought we were crazy for thinking there was only one true God, they were ok with Buddhism because it’s very peaceful and thought all religions were ok.  Jo met a guy who works at the airport and got to share the gospel with him. Also Jo got to talk with a guy on the street selling necklaces. He had many around his neck and Jo asked what for…they were for protection…Jo asked if he really believed that it was his protection from everything and through that Jo got to share the gospel and how through the cross we have true protection.

Then we got back around 3 and taught English to the girls until dinner time and we had dinner with them…they are excellent cooks! Then went to the 7/11 (seriously our new best friend, one on every corner!) and I don’t know how but somehow Jo got our bus tickets for next week from there. We will be going to his home village which is about a 9 hour bus trip.

We just made it back home and now are going to get some rest, Jo has another Big day planned for us tomorrow after church!!

Thank you for your prayers, through them God is giving us many opportunities to make His Name known!!! 

(More pictures coming soon)

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