Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meeting New People

So this week we have started back teaching. We have been pretty busy with that, but we did get a free afternoon and decided to go look at one more language school a friend had told us about. So we Googled the address and ventured out taking the bus by ourselves for the first time, We got off the bus and couldn’t find the building so then managed to get a Tuk Tuk without using English (very interesting! We have become very creative with our sign language!) Ended up begin that the address was wrong there where two places with similar names and we got them mixed up so by that time the school had already closed.

 We were still a little lost so we explored around learned a few of the streets but soon got rained on so we tried to find out way back to the bus stop and we met a tuk tuk driver who spoke excellent English, while getting directions from him Brandon was able to share the gospel! He seemed interested but sometimes the Thai people are just so nice they will respond how they think you would want them to, but we were very excited for the opportunity to share with him. He said he was Buddhist because everyone else was, so Brandon challenged him to think about what he believes. Once we found the bus stop we waited and waited for our bus number I got to visit with a young girl but her bus came quick and weren’t able to talk that much.
Then we decided we should just take the sky train it will be faster to get us home because it was getting late. (Little did we know God had another appointment waiting for us!) While getting on the sky train we met a very friendly teacher that was very helpful! Once we got on the train we were speaking English with the teacher and another guy overheard us and began asking some directions. He was from South Africa married to a girl from Czech Republic. We had a very interesting visit with him. He believes there is a god but he is just out there somewhere not a god that is personal and involved in his life. The wife is an Atheist. We were able to share what we believe and tell him about Jesus. So far all the foreigners we have met here seem to have a similar response when we talk about Jesus, they think we are just being too narrow minded to say that there is such a narrow way (one way!) It was very good to meet him and we pray God continues to stir his heart to reconsider his ways.

We taught English all day for the next 2 days

And today it’s Saturday: Brandon will get to preach tomorrow with an interrupter, we are going to look at some more places that we could possible live at, and tonight we have an English Game Night with the students…and I’m sure food will follow!! 


  1. Sounds like another adventure you guys had! God seems to be placing people in your paths! I am glad you all found your way back safe!Hope you get to visit that school again another day maybe.
    Brandon we will pray for you tomorrow as you preach! God Bless you both and We are so Proud and Love you both! Be Safe, Love Mom

  2. I am surprised that the Czech wife is an atheist!!! What kind of place is that???
    Brandon how was your preaching.....did you let your translater catch everything what you said?:):)
    Praying for you!!

    1. Yeah.. Sadly it didn't surprise me either.
      Preaching was ok; just made me wish even more that I could speak Thai already. My translator did a good job. He has a big heart for our Lord. I typed most of my sermon out before hand for him.