Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in Bangkok

God has been so faithful to us. He has answered many prayers. One is that we would find a good place to stay in. The apartments around here usually only let people stay for the minimum of 6 months, but we were shown one and it is perfect to stay the remaining month in Thailand. It is in a perfect location for us (1 min from mission house & 5-7 min from university >walking< ), nice, and a great price. 

Brittney and I are excited to start back teaching today. Last night we met with some of the students and made a schedule.

Our plans for the rest of time we are here:
Keep teaching English throughout each week and pray more and more students get involved.

Look at one more language school, and make our final decision. If we have time we might go to one and try to sit in on a free class they offer to try it out.

Meet with another missionary couple. They are close to our age, and they are on the other side of Bangkok.

Look at elementary school around this area because Brittney is interested at teaching at one someday.

We might also continue looking at apartments & condos (for next year) around the university/language school.

I have been given the opportunity to preach this Sunday (A Thai brother is going to translate).

There is a big park on the university campus, some of the church members are going to go with us to hang out and meet people. We are trying to make that a future routine.

Prayer request:
Pray for Divine appointments. We have been blessed with some, and we are praying for more. Since we will be in one spot for a month we hope to meet all our neighbors (which will most likely be college students).

Pray that God continues to show us what we can and should do with our remaining time.

Pray for our families and youth group back home.

- We surprised the people in Bangkok by coming back early. We surprised them at church Sunday morning, and two of our new students where there at church! We were excited not only to see them, but to see them there without knowing we would be there.


  1. So Glad your back to Bangkok and back on internet! We missed you both but know you are doing the Lords work! God Bless ya'll and Love you both very much! Love Mom and Dad

  2. I see that you are having great time and the Lord is using you!! One sit here in America and feel like to go to eat pizza to a church :):)! Why Brandon does not like Jo's dog?? Don't eat him, PLEAS, stick to the fish!!!!:):):):)! I am not cool I know!!!

    But seriously I am excited about your trip and feel that it's real eye opener and you have some life and mainly spiritual experience!!!!!!!!
    To God be the glory!!!

  3. I got it Brandon!!!!! I am little bit slower on technology.....well you know! Now I am back and try to get my degree in computer science :):):)!!