Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where We Live

Here are some pics I took to show you what the area we live in looks like. This was around 7:00am so you can see the masses heading to work. It was a cloudy morning. 

This is the main street we live on.

This is the side street you turn on right before you enter our neighborhood. The buildings you see to the right of the cars are restaurants and coffee shops. We go to these places often, and have made a lot of friends on this street. 

This is the canal between the main road and the small side street. The Boat you see is a restaurant that serves noodles.
When I was out taking pics, I saw a group of monks out collecting offerings. You can see the man in this picture making merit.

This is a everyday way of life for the majority here in Thailand.
This is a "spirit house" that is attached to the office in our neighborhood. It's a statue that people pray to and give offerings.  
Here is Josie playing with other kids on the play ground in our neighborhood. These two girls playing with her have been extra sweet to Josie. They love her. 

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