Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Josie is Ready to Travel!

It took us a while to get in with the U.S. Embassy but we finally got an appointment at the beginning of this month! Josie is now officially a U.S. citizen! And yesterday Brandon went and picked up her passport! 

We are so excited, Lord willing we will get to come back and visit everyone this September!! At that time we will have completed two years on the field and finished with official Language school (although like English we will still be learning more about the language everyday!). We are so excited for Josie to get to meet everyone and to be able to spend the holidays with our families!! Also when we return to Thailand we are excited to get started on the ministry God has in store for us!

Thank you again for all your prayers concerning the Embassy appointment and all her paperwork! God has been gracious to us!!

Look Whose Ready To Travel!

Going to be a World Traveler!

I'm so Excited!!

Can't Wait to Meet Everyone!!!

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