Saturday, February 1, 2014

Asia Pacific Women's Conference 2014

We left Sunday morning from Bangkok and arrived in the Philippines that afternoon. It was about a 3 hour flight. We spent the night at a hotel and then meet up with the others on Monday. Brandon caught another plane to Bacolod where all the husbands hung out for the week.

There were about 18 missionary women (serving in different areas in Asia), and an American team of 7 women. The conference lasted Monday evening until Friday morning. Our association holds this conference every two years and thankfully this year I was able to go! Even though we haven't been on the field very long, it came at the perfect time not only did I need to be spiritually refilled, but we also were able to count it as our visa run. It was SO refreshing to come together with other missionary women who are going through similar things pray together, laugh together, and even cry together! There were beautiful friendships formed this week! I think one of my favorite times was at the very beginning of the week, we were asked to share some of our sufferings that became blessings and God has used as testimonies to others. It was amazing to hear each of the ladies open up and share their hearts, and how through such painful experiences God has brought about deliverance. Our theme was Flying Again, and our key passage of study was 2 Corinthians 1:8-11. Overall it was a good reminder that even though sometimes missionaries are viewed as "super Christians" we are all sinners in need of much grace, we still face many struggles in our spiritual walk and must rely daily (hourly) on The Lord. We all face sufferings and have a choice to make, either we truly trust God and praise Him in the midst of the storms or we don't. 

I really praise God for each of you that support us finically and prayerfully that made it possible for me to go on this trip! At the end of the week we were asked to say one word that summed up the week, my word was "Strengthened!"

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  1. Dear Brittney,
    So thankful you were able to enjoy the conference. Many prayers were being offered for the conference.