Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bibles for Thailand

Pam Epps, a member of our home church, has taken on a project that will change lives forever. Here is her story we asked her to share:

"I'm happy to share about how the Lord moved in my heart to collect for Bibles for Thailand - It all came about during my prayer time for you two.  As I prayed, the Spirit spoke four words to my heart "They will need Bibles!"...  My heart was set on fire for the Thai people to hear and know God's Word.  After days of more prayer, I made jars with a message on them that said "Your change can change a life - forever" and placed them in the sanctuary and fellowship hall for the Wednesday night children to also be able to contribute and be blessed! We have collected $1600 plus dollars so far.  It has been a joy and a privilege to be allowed to help.

It was through a small New Testament plus Psalms Bible that was given to my mother at the front door of our home that God began to answer my yearning to know who God was and why I was here.  Psalm 24:1 started my journey to know and love the God of the Bible with all my heart!  I pray that these Bibles for Thailand will do as much and more for the Thai people!"

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